Prof. Dr. Ing. Christophe Lacroix

Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health, Department of Health Sciences and Technology (D-HEST), ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Christophe Lacroix studied Food Engineering at AgroParisTech (1980).and obtained a PhD in Food Science (1984) and was Professor of Dairy Biotechnology at the Université Laval, Quebec (1984-2002). He was a founder (1986) and lead (from 1995 to 2002) the Dairy Research Centre (STELA) in North America and the Canadian Network of Excellence on Lactic Acid Bacteria (1997-2002). Prof. Lacroix won a number of honors and awards, including the first Canadian Millennium Chair in Food Sciences and Nutrition (2001). He was Visiting Professor at INRAE France (1992-93), invited scientist at the Nestlé Research Center Lausanne (1999-2000), and participated in many international evaluation committees for research programs and institutions.

His research work in the field of microbial biotechnology, including innovative fermentation and downstream processing technologies, development of functional microbes for use in food and biotherapeutic products, gut microbiota fermentation modeling and functional studies, and mechanistic impact of food components and antimicrobials on the composition and function of human and animal gut microbiota. He has published over 330 peer-reviewed articles, 15 patents, and supervised 65 doctoral students. His work has been supported by numerous national and international grants, as well as by a large number of industries worldwide. He is founder and member of the Board of Director and of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ETH-Spinoff company, PharmaBiome AG (2017), specializing in the isolation, functional characterization, design and production technologies of gut microbe-based products for human therapy.