Prof. dr. Aletta D. Kraneveld

Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Aletta Kraneveld studied pharmacy at the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University. As a junior researcher she worked in the Gastrointestinal Pharmacology Department of Glaxo Group Research in the United Kingdom (1990-1991). She obtained her PhD at the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Utrecht University (1994), after which she continued her research at the Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School Boston MA, USA (1994). As a postdoc, she continued her research as an immunopharmacologist in Utrecht. In 1998 Aletta was appointed as assistant professor, and in 2002 as associate professor in the Pharmacology division of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Science of Utrecht University.

In 2016, Aletta Kraneveld was appointed professor of Interdisciplinary Translational Pharmacology at the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University. In addition to science, she is/was an active member of various boards of (inter)national scientific and social organizations (Dutch Society of Pharmacology, FEDERA, EPHAR, IUPHAR, Dutch Federation of Innovative Medicines Research; Nutrition-Leeft; Diversity Committee Utrecht University; Committee on Scientific Integrity Utrecht University). Since 1 March 2020, Aletta Kraneveld has been appointed Vice Dean for Research at the Faculty of Science, Utrecht University, as a result of which her appointment at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has ended.

Dr. Kraneveld’s current research interests concern the study of the interaction between innate and adaptive immunity, as well as host-microbe interactions in chronic (inflammatory) diseases and treatment with pharmaceutical and nutritional interventions. The Kraneveld group focuses on in-depth research into the role of the gut-immune system-brain axis to enhance knowledge about the interaction of gut microbiota, the immune system and the nervous system in chronic (inflammatory) diseases in the gut, respiratory tract and CNS (neurological and neurodegenerative disorders). With advanced in vivo and in vitro models the Kraneveld group has gained more insight into the importance of the gut microbiota, their ligands/metabolites and associated receptors, the gut mucosal immune system in the tuning of the systemic immune system, with implications for local and external organ functions such as lung and brain. Aletta Kraneveld has set up a research program that became an (inter)national neuro-immune platform where academics, patient organizations and industry meet related to research on the gut-immune-brain axis, as a target for pharmaceutical and medical food concepts.